Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Decision 2004

So I woke up this morning and said to myself "Today I have a very important decision to make." And I did. I weighed my options, looked at all of the issues, compared and contrasted and cast me choice...to be the grumpiest person in all of the land. Literally from the moment I opened my eyes I have been a raging BITCH. I have been conscious of it and have found the effort required to reverse my ways today were just not worth it. EVERYONE and EVERYTHING today has annoyed me. Here's the list so far: my husband taking too much time in the only bathroom I will use; the cat's constant whining for more food when there is already a full bowl, the fact that our bedroom is too small and too contaminated with piles of clothes to get ready in the morning; the idiot who drove THE ENTIRE way into downtown in front of me going 20 miles an hour and hitting every red light; the fact that the replacement drivers side mirror has STILL not come in, making driving a game of hide and seek with the blind spot. This was before 8:00 of course.

I had about 30 minutes of non-bitch mode when I was alone in my office with a big old green tea and the nicotine of 3 cigarettes coursing through my system, but then everyone else came in.....with their kids....who are off of school today...and are loud....and annoying....and whos parents share an office with me. At this point you have got to believe me that the rest of the day was filled with numerous edits of stupid mistakes others made, phone calls from more stupid people, and lots of screaming inside of my car. Not pretty. I have now been banished to the upstairs while my cat, husband, coworkers and the poor parking lot attendent all gather together to talk about how horrible I am, how good they are, and what they can do to make sure I never resurface again.

The good thing is-I don't think anyone reads this blog so no one will be able to tell me how truly blessed my life is and how lucky I am and that they have a friend/relative/child who is a leper with no home and no food and no friends and that I should count my lucky stars. yeah...ok.

and finally...YES I voted, and you think my mood is bad now-just wait and see how bad it is if that imbecile pretending to be the leader of our country is reelected.



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